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economy is an Austrian weekly newspaper for research, technology and business.

Since January 13, 2006 the paper has been published every two weeks with a circulation of 30,000 throughout Austria and Bavaria . 5,000 more copies are to be printed in English and published in Croatia , Slovakia , Slovenia , the Czech Republic and Hungary .

From mid-2006 economy should appear weekly. The salmon-colored coloring of the paper is based on the example of the Financial Times , the logo of the paper is an owl . The volume should be 32 pages, divided into four books. In retail sales, economy should cost 2.30 euros.

The newspaper's publisher is Christian Czaak, while Rita Michlits (previously: WirtschaftsBlatt and Computerwelt ) and Thomas Jäkle (former business editor for Standard and the press ) act as editors-in-chief .

According to the publisher, the project has been financed with 4.83 million euros over three years. It is not yet known which investors are behind economy.

Meanwhile the color changed from salmon to gray-white. The editor-in-chief has been the publisher himself since March 2008. His plan that economy should appear weekly from mid-2006 onwards had not yet been implemented in spring 2008.

In addition to the newspaper, an online portal is also operated.

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