Medal of Honor for War Merit 1870

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The Medal of Honor for War Merit 1870 was donated by Prince Georg Albert von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt on October 21, 1870 during the Franco-German War in Sannois and was intended to be awarded to non-commissioned officers and men who were citizens of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.


The badge of honor is a round medal made of silver . In the obverse the three-line inscription MERIT IM KRIEGE can be read, which is surrounded by a laurel wreath with fruits tied together at the bottom . In the lapel that of one's princely excessive mirror image ornate monogram G (George) and including the year 1870 to see.

Carrying method

The award was worn on a yellow ribbon with a blue central and side stripe on the left side of the chest.


A total of 146 awards can be documented. 137 medals were awarded for the Franco-German War. Additional copies went to sailors in the Imperial Navy and 1906/07 to members of the protection force of German South West Africa .


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