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Terracotta medallion from the building of the former Flensburg calibration office , which symbolizes the function of a calibration office

The calibration offices of the federal states are responsible for legal metrology in Germany (nationalized in 1912). The main tasks are the calibration as well as the use and market monitoring of measuring devices , which are subject to calibration law due to the measurand and their intended use . In organizational terms, the calibration offices are usually subordinate to the state's Ministry of Economics . In the GDR, the calibration offices were subordinate to the German Office for Weights and Measures .

The German Academy for Metrology (DAM) is a joint training and further education facility for calibration staff from all federal states, based in Munich.


Seal of the Royal Verification Inspection 11 of the Reich in Cologne


Management of the Lower Saxony metrology and calibration system in Hanover
Thuringian State Discharge Office in Ilmenau

The calibration authorities of the respective federal state are responsible for enforcing calibration law in Germany. Berlin and Brandenburg as well as the northern German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania each have a common calibration authority. In the GDR, responsibility lay with the calibration directorates of the districts .

state Surname Organizational form link
Baden-Württemberg Calibration and Proofing System Baden-Württemberg (EBBW)
Bavaria State Office for Weights and Measures State authority
Berlin State Office for Metrology and Calibration in Berlin-Brandenburg
Brandenburg State Office for Metrology and Calibration in Berlin-Brandenburg
Bremen Calibration office Bremen
Hamburg Calibration Directorate North
Hesse Hessian calibration directorate
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Calibration Directorate North
Lower Saxony Measurement and calibration system Lower Saxony
North Rhine-Westphalia State Office for Measurement and Calibration in North Rhine-Westphalia State company
Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Measurement and Calibration of Rhineland-Palatinate
Saarland Calibration supervisory authority Saarland
Saxony State enterprise for metrology and calibration State enterprise
Saxony-Anhalt State eichamt Saxony-Anhalt
Schleswig-Holstein Calibration Directorate North
Thuringia State Office for Consumer Protection Thuringia Department of Metrology and Calibration


In Austria, the tasks of calibration are carried out by the Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying .


In Switzerland, the tasks of calibration are carried out by the Federal Institute for Metrology METAS (national metrology institute) and by the cantonal calibration offices. METAS can designate verification bodies for certain tasks.

Other countries

In Luxembourg , the function of the Weights and Measures Office is localized with other tasks in the Luxembourg Institute for Standardization, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS).

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