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Individuals in a community who go their own way, that is, who, in the midst of tightly knit social networks, maintain little or no interactions with others or, for example, limit the interaction to what is professionally necessary, are referred to as loners .

Since numerous social contacts are 'taken for granted' in communities, the loners arouse alienation, which can express itself differently depending on the community's mentality, such as suspicion or shyness .

In modern societies, loners are hardly noticeable among their numerous single lifestyles.


The socio-psychological causes can be very different (including giftedness , introversion , misanthropy ). People with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism are usually loners.

Subject in literature and film

Loners are a popular topic in literature, for example in the stories Der Waldsteig (1845) by Adalbert Stifter or Der Lar (1889) by Wilhelm Raabe .

Loner is the title of the following films and novels:

  • The Loner (1955), American western ( Man with the Gun ) by Richard Wilson
  • The Loner (1967), American television crime film ( The Outsider ) directed by Michael Ritchie
  • The Loner (1981) , American thriller ( Thief ) directed by Michael Mann
  • The Loner (TV series), American TV series based on the 1967 pilot
  • The Loner (1964), novel by Christopher Isherwood
  • The loner (1978), novel by Joachim Specht

Secondary literature

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