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Round table for amateur radio
purpose Lobbying / advocacy for the amateur radio service
Chair: Christian Entsfellner, Deputy Chair: Hans-Stephan Heinrich
Establishment date: June 11, 1994
Number of members: 61,000 people
17 organizations
Seat : Baunatal

The Round Table Amateurfunk eV (RTA) is an amalgamation of most of the German amateur radio associations. He sees himself as a coordinator of lobby work for amateur radio in politics . The RTA was founded on June 11, 1994 at the suggestion of the Federal Post Office at the time, in order to have a single contact person who should discuss differences of opinion within the amateur radio associations in advance. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which is responsible today, has moved away from this line and also recognizes the contributions of other amateur radio associations to important questions relating to amateur radio. The RTA bundles the lobbying and is lobby list entered the German Bundestag.


Only clubs and associations can become members of the RTA. The rules of procedure of the RTA stipulate that the purpose of these clubs or associations is exclusively amateur radio. On the other hand, it is not compulsory that they are registered associations. The size of the association is not a criterion for membership either, in particular there is no minimum number of members.

The representatives of the member associations decide on admission to the RTA in a meeting with a majority of the associations present.

Currently (September 2010) 17 clubs and associations are members:

Association abbreviation Number of members Member since
Adacom Association for Amateur Data Radio eV ADACOM 143
AMSAT Germany eV AMSAT-DL 1,200 Founding member
Working group for amateur radio testing and funding Siegerland eV AGAS not known Founding member
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfunkfernsehen eV AGAF 1,000 2006
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Telegraphie eV AGCW 2,250
Bavarian Contest Club BCC 331 2010
German Amateur Radio Club eV DARC approx. 33,000 Founding member
German Amateur Broadcasting and Receiving Service eV DASD not known Founding member
Flieger-Funk-Runde eV FFR 200
Förderverein Amateurfunkmuseum eV AFM 600 Founding member
INTERMAR Amateur-Seefunk eV INTERMAR 400 2007
Marcom Funkverband eV Marcom not known Founding member
North> <link eV not known 1999
Rhine-Ruhr DX Association RRDXA 352 2008
Association of Radio Amateurs in Telecommunications and Post eV VFDB 3,500 Founding member
Association of radio amateurs at the Ruhr University VdF not known Founding member
Association of still radio radio operators eV MF round 400

Former members of the RTA were the "Relais-Arbeitsgruppe Hamburg eV", the "Ampack Bayern eV", the association "West <> Link", and the "Diploma Interests Group eV " which have either disbanded or left the RTA for various reasons.


When it was founded, a balance had to be found between the interests of the association with the largest number of members, the DARC, and the interests of the smaller associations. A possible alliance of many small associations should not outweigh the more than 40,000 members of the DARC, but this should not completely dominate the body.

The member associations each send a representative (usually a board member) to the RTA, who meets as required. The members elect a chairman and a deputy. The chairman is elected with a majority of the members represented by the associations and the deputy with a majority of the associations in order to create a balance between large and small associations. Between the RTA meetings, the chairman performs the duties of the RTA. According to the rules of procedure, he is also responsible for managing the RTA.

Substantive decisions are made by the majority of the members represented by the associations. In order to prevent the complete dominance of the DARC, the rules of procedure provide for a minority vote. A representative of a minority vote has the right to participate in discussions with politicians and authorities.

In March 2008 the RTA had 61,000 members in 18 affiliated organizations (according to the lobby list of the German Bundestag from December 12, 2008).


As a lobbying association, the association only serves the common lobbying work of the amateur radio associations represented in it towards politics and authorities. He is not the contact person for the individual radio amateurs and therefore does not give any information about his work or members to the public.

It is the responsibility of the individual member associations to inform their members about the work and results of the association. The DARC does this regularly, for example, in its management board information, in which the RTA's correspondence is only partially published.

The name "Round Table for Amateur Radio" does not reflect the reality of the coordination and finding of results in the RTA, as a neutral moderator is not provided. Dominating and determining is the DARC eV, which also (traditionally) holds the chairmanship and acts accordingly. Double memberships, in one of the RTA associations and at the same time in DARC eV, were in the above. RTA membership not taken into account.

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