Christopher Street

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Road sign
Christopher Street heading east
Candy Store Christopher Street / Corner 7 Av

The Christopher Street is a street in New York City neighborhood of Greenwich Village . In the 1970s it was the center of the gay movement . Today it is the symbol of the lesbian and gay movement , but has a mixed population who respect one another.


The original name of the street was Skinner Road , in honor of Colonel William Skinner , who owned most of the area in that area. It was not given its current name until 1799, when the land was bought by Charles Christopher Amos .

In the Christopher Street was on 28 June 1969 in the bar Stonewall Inn the Stonewall riots take place, an important event for the gay movement. To commemorate the first anniversary of the uprising, the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee was formed. This has become an international tradition of holding a demonstration for gay and lesbian rights in the summer . In Berlin , Cologne and other major German cities, these demonstrations are held every year as Christopher Street Day or "CSD" for short.

Christopher Street was also the name of a US magazine that was published from July 1976 until around the turn of the millennium.

One of the attractions on Christopher Street is on the corner of 7th Avenue . Called the candy store by the older residents, the shop now houses a convenience store. The Hess triangle is set into the floor in front of this shop .

At the intersection of Christopher Street and Greenwich Street is the massive archive made of red clinker . Today an apartment building, this building, erected in 1899, served as the US Appraiser's Warehouse until 1988 and is a listed building . Between Bleeker Street and 7th Avenue is St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church .

Coordinates: 40 ° 44 ′ 2 ″  N , 74 ° 0 ′ 6 ″  W.