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Elah is a valley in Israel that connects the Shefela with the Judean Mountains. Historically, it belonged to the Kingdom of Judah in Israel, between Aseka and Sokho . It is also called the Valley of the Terebinths ( Hebrew עֵמֶק האֵלָה ʿEmeq ha'Elah , Arabic وادي السنط, DMG Wādī es-Sunṭ ). According to 1 Sam 17.2.19  EU , the Israelites camped there when David fought against Goliath . On the western side of the valley near Sokho there is a 17 meter high terebinth with a large crown of 22 meters. This representative of a "biblical" tree species marks the upper end of the valley and is known as an impressive marking point.


During archaeological excavations in the valley of Elah, near the fortress Elah, a clay ostracon with the oldest known Hebrew inscription in ink was uncovered. The age of the pottery shard goes back to the Davidic period around 1000 BC. Dated.

Popular culture

In the Valley of Elah is the title of a film by director Paul Haggis from 2007 .

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Coordinates: 31 ° 40 ′ 53 ″  N , 34 ° 59 ′ 19 ″  E