Eleven little islanders

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Television series
Original title Children's Island
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
year 1985
length 30 minutes
Episodes 8 in 1 season
genre Children , adventure
idea Hanan Peled (screenplay)
Mira Lobe (based on a novel)
music Hennie Bekker
First broadcast June 1, 1985 on BBC One
first broadcast
October 9, 1989 on PRO 7

Elf kleine Insulaner (OT: Children's Island ) is a British television series on the BBC from 1985. The miniseries is a film adaptation of the novel Insu-Pu by Mira Lobe . Directed by Nathaniel Gutman .


England in World War II : At the invitation of the US President , children from London, which is threatened by German air raids, are transported to the United States by ship . One of the ships is attacked by a German submarine and sinks. All children can leave the ship and are rescued, only a lifeboat with eleven children drifts off and is considered lost.

The eleven children, including brothers Stanley and Tommy, are stranded on a desert island. In order to survive, they organize themselves in the form of a small children's state, in which everyone has their own set tasks. Despite individual conflicts, they manage to survive on the island.

In England and America the missing children are believed to be dead. Only William, the son of the US President, is convinced they are still alive. Finally, he succeeds in convincing his father and he initiates a search that ultimately leads to success.


  • Timothy Starks: Tommy Moran
  • Stefan Gates: Stanley Moran
  • JD Roth: William Kanfey
  • Richard Haines: Mr. Grant
  • George Montgomery : President
  • Roger Charteris
  • Paul Lockwood
  • Joanna Rowlands
  • Christine Vanden Berg
  • Roslyn McNamara
  • Kevin Greetham
  • Martin Bernstein


  • 1.01 Sleep is necessary
  • 1.02 Land in sight
  • 1.03 One day we're going home
  • 1.04 Hello, can you hear me?
  • 1.05 Who wants to Canada?
  • 1.06 Is the moon a cheese ball?
  • 1.07 Infasu
  • 1.08 Hurray - Finally to America


The novel was first published in Tel Aviv in 1948 in Hebrew under the title אי הילדים, "Island of Children". It was later translated into several languages.

In Germany, the series was broadcast on Pro Sieben in 1989 and 1991 , then repeated on TV Munich at the turn of the year 1996/97 and has not been broadcast since.

Differences from the book

The film adaptation differs in some important details from the German version of the book:

  • The German version of the book is about a fictional war and the children are to be shipped from the fictional state of Urbien to the land of Terrania, which is not affected by the war. Instead of the US President and his son, in this version the evacuation and the search for the missing go back to the President of Terrania and his grandson.
  • The names of the children differ from those in the novel.
  • In the novel, the ship runs into a mine and is not attacked by a submarine.

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