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Elke Monika Geenen (* 1954 ) is a German sociologist and management consultant .


After graduating from high school in Düsseldorf and completing her university degree in geology (Dipl.-Geol.), She studied sociology, psychology and geophysics. Third-party funded projects on equal opportunities, childcare, women in science and administration followed. Her sociological dissertation deals with earthquake problems, in particular the technology assessment of possible innovative early warning systems using the example of Turkey.

She was a research assistant and university assistant at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Kiel. With a treatise on the sociology of strangers , she received her habilitation from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Kiel, received the Venia Legendi for sociology and taught as a private lecturer at the University of Kiel . She founded and heads the Institute for Socio-Economic and Cultural International Analysis (ISOKIA), a scientific research and consulting institute.

Work areas

Her research focuses on a. Risk and disaster sociology , modernization , sociology of the stranger , civilization theory , cultural theory , system theory and gender studies .

Publications (selection)

  • Blocked careers. Women in college , Leske + Budrich, Opladen 1994. ISBN 3-810012084
  • Sociology of the forecast of earthquakes. Disaster-sociological technology assessment using the example of Turkey , Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 1995. ISBN 3-428083768
  • Sociology of the foreign. A socio-theoretical draft , Leske + Budrich, Opladen 2002. ISBN 978-3810035998
  • Qualifications and labor market in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Current and future potential and bottlenecks. Need for action for labor market and educational policy , published by the Technologiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel 2004 (with Johannes Bröcker, Christian Fischer and Hayo Herrmann).
  • Population behavior and possibilities of crisis management and disaster management in multicultural societies . Edited by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Aid, Bonn 2010. ISBN 978-3939347262

In addition, she published articles in compilations and articles in technical dictionaries and handbooks on sociology, etc. a.

  • Academic careers of women at scientific universities , in: Beate Krais (ed.), Scientific culture and gender order. On the hidden mechanisms of male dominance in the academic world, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, New York 2000, pp. 83-105.
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  • On the Current Occasion: Panic and Panic Myth , in: Disaster & Social Crisis Research Network Electronic Newsletter N °. 43, December 2010 - March 2011, pp. 12-13.

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