Embarcadero Technologies

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Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

legal form Incorporated
founding October 1993
Seat San Francisco , United States
management Wayne D. Williams CEO
Number of employees 460
sales 100 M $ (2008)
Branch Software development
Website www.embarcadero.com

The Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. , headquartered in San Francisco is a US company, the database tools and tools manufactures for application development.

Embarcadero Technologies was founded in October 1993 by Stephen Wong and Stuart Browning. The first product was a tool for Sybase - database administrators named Rapid SQL, which was released in December of the same year. A wide variety of tools for the design, development and administration of databases are currently being developed and marketed. Supported platforms include Oracle , Microsoft SQL Server , IBM DB2 , Sybase and MySQL . Furthermore, have been used for the acquisition of the developer tools division of Borland various known development tools such as Embarcadero Delphi , C ++ Builder , JBuilder and RadPHP (formerly Delphi for PHP ) developed and marketed, also came with the purchase and the database system Interbase with in the Application portfolio that fits Embarcadero's database activities. With the takeover of the developer tools from Borland, parts of the foreign sales branches were also taken over, so that Embarcadero is now also present with its own sales branches in other markets. In 2015, Embarcadero was finally acquired by Idera. Idera has integrated the SQL division into its product portfolio, the development tools such as B. Delphi will remain with Embarcadero.

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