Heritage and Mission

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Heritage and Mission
Heritage and mission in the old and in the new design
description Benedictine journal
Area of ​​Expertise Catholic theology
language German
publishing company Beuroner Kunstverlag, Beuron ( Germany )
First edition 1919
Frequency of publication quarterly
Editor-in-chief Albert Schmidt OSB
editor Beuron Archabbey
Web link www.erbe-und-order.org
ISSN (print)

Heritage and Mission. Benediktinische Zeitschrift - Monastische Welt is the German-language magazine of the Beuron Benedictine Congregation .

The publisher is the Archabbey of St. Martin in Beuron . The edition is 1,200 copies.

The magazine deals with current issues of religion. Also Jewish , Muslim and Protestant authors assume "Catholic" position issues to classical. Known heritage and order , not least for his detailed reviews of recently published books.


The magazine was founded in 1919 as a Benedictine monthly for the care of religious and spiritual life . It ties in with the magazine Sankt-Benedicts -immen, which had been published since 1877 and which was published by the Emmaus Monastery in Prague until 1918 . The St. Benedict's votes could not be continued when almost all German-speaking monks had to leave the Emmaus monastery after the establishment of Czechoslovakia .

The editing of the Benedictine Monthly was provided by Father Paulus Gordan OSB from 1959 to 1968 , who named it Erbe und Mission in 1959 . From 1970 to 2005 Benedikt Schwank OSB was editor of the magazine for many years; since 2006 it has been Albert Schmidt OSB, the current abbot praeses of the Beuron congregation .

Until 2005, the magazine was published every two months, i.e. six times a year. With the change to four numbers a year from 2006, the cover color was also changed (from olive green to red-gray-white). In addition, since the changeover, the German-language edition of the Bulletin of the Alliance for International Monasticism (AIM) has been printed as a special section.

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