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Erich Wolf (born August 22, 1949 in Vienna ) is an Austrian former officer in the Austrian Armed Forces .


After completing his professional officer training at the Theresian Military Academy , Wolf was trained as an operational pilot. In 1979, Wolf became world champion in military aerobatics on a Saab 105 OE . After successfully completing a general staff course at the National Defense Academy , he became commander of the fighter-bomber squadron at Vogler Air Base in Hörsching in 1983 . In 1992 Brigadier Wolf moved to the air department of the Federal Ministry for National Defense and Sport (BMLV) . After Brigadier Josef Bernecker left, Wolf took over the management of the air department on an interim basis. On December 6, 2002 Major General Erich Wolf took over command of the newly formed Air Force Command at Brumowski Air Base in Langenlebarn / Lower Austria. In 2006 the Air Force Command was dissolved in favor of the newly created Armed Forces Command and Erich Wolf changed to the General Staff of the BMLV as "Air Chief". He described himself as an expert in military aviation and international relations. His application as chairman of the board of the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines in 2006 was unsuccessful. On April 6, 2007, he was suspended from service because of his possible involvement in the corruption scandal surrounding the purchase of the Eurofighter . As of December 1st, Wolf used the so-called hacker's regulation and is thus retired.

Eurofighter procurement

In the course of the procurement of the Eurofighter for the Austrian Armed Forces, Erich Wolf, as head of the "Operation" sub-commission, was a voting member of the 33-member evaluation commission divided into five sub-commissions.

In the course of the Eurofighter investigation, it is assumed that the company "Creativ Promotion Werbe- und Sportveranstaltungsgesellschaft", in which he is a limited partner , authorized signatory and his wife managing director, received a sum of 87,600 euros from EADS lobbyist Erhard Steininger in 2002 Has. Before the committee of inquiry in January 2007, Erich Wolf himself had expressly excluded business relationships with Steininger. Defense Minister Norbert Darabos filed a complaint with the public prosecutor's office against Wolf on April 6, 2007 on suspicion of false testimony before the investigative committee and forbidden acceptance of gifts. Wolf's wife, Anna Maria Frühstück-Wolf, claims that the loan from the EADS lobbyist to her company has absolutely nothing to do with her husband and the procurement of the Eurofighter, and nothing to do with the fact that the lobbyist is her best man.

Steininger himself testified before the U-Committee on May 10, 2007 that the amount was a down payment for an air show concept that he wanted to deal with in retirement. But this project failed. He never asked for the deposit back; But it was not a gift either, but should be subsumed under the term " stranded costs ".

At the beginning of June 2007, the Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office requested a preliminary judicial investigation against Erich Wolf regarding suspicion of prohibited acceptance of gifts and abuse of office in the course of the Eurofighter deal. The proceedings against Erich Wolf were discontinued by the Vienna Public Prosecutor at the end of March 2011.


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