Owl dong

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Owl dong
Owl swallow (Podargus strigoides)

Owl swallow ( Podargus strigoides )

Class : Birds (aves)
Order : Swallow-like (Caprimulgiformes)
Family : Owl dong
Scientific name
Bonaparte , 1838

The owl swallow (Podargidae) are a family in the order of the swallow-like (Caprimulgiformes). The family includes three genera and fifteen species.

The distribution area of ​​the nocturnal great owl swallow extends from India through Southeast Asia to Australia and New Guinea . They inhabit forests, open wooded areas or even bushland. During the day they rest well camouflaged in the trees. There is no pronounced gender dimorphism between the sexes . Owl doves have short, rounded wings and are therefore not agile fliers. They have large, very broad beaks and a large mouth. The beaks are bent down like a hook at the top. Their brown, black, and yellow patterned plumage provides good camouflage. In the event of danger or alarm, they freeze in a characteristic posture. From their seat, they stretch their head and front body diagonally upwards so that they cannot be distinguished from a broken branch. They usually lurk individually or in pairs in the trees for their prey and jump or fly at them. They feed on insects , spiders , other invertebrates and small reptiles and mammals . Fruits are also on their menu.

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