European Society for Breeding Research

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European Society for Breeding Research
purpose European Society for Plant Breeding
Chair: Richard Visser
Establishment date: 1956
Seat : Wageningen

The European Society for Breeding Research , Association Européenne pour l'Amélioration des Plantes, Asociación Europea para el Mejoramiento de las Plantas, European Association for Research in Plant Breeding ( EUCARPIA ) is a non-profit organization that promotes international scientific and technical cooperation in the field of plant breeding to support the further development of research.

Foundation and tasks

It was founded in 1956. The association, based in Wageningen (Netherlands), aims to exchange knowledge and maintain international contacts in plant breeding research. In addition, the association organizes and accompanies workshops and conferences every year on current issues from all areas of plant breeding and genetic research. During these conferences, the different crops of useful plants or cross-cutting issues are dealt with. These are devoted to methodical and plant-specific questions from the areas of biometrics to genome analysis and from resistance breeding to the history of plant breeding. Every four years the general congress is held with the general assembly.

Working groups

There are 20 working groups within the GPZ that meet at regular intervals for conferences and workshops.

  • Potatoes
  • Cereals
  • Organic and Low-Input Agriculture
  • Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses
  • Genetic Resources
  • Maize and Sorghum
  • Vegetables Yuling
  • Fruit
  • Ornamentals
  • Oil and Protein Crops
  • Biometrics in Plant Breeding

Honorary members

The society has honored the following people with honorary membership:

  • Erich von Tschermak-Seysenegg , Austria, 1956
  • Wilhelm Rudorf, Germany, 1965
  • Jean Bustarre, France, 1968
  • Erik Akerberg, Sweden, 1972
  • Jan Stefan Bojanowski, Poland, 1989
  • Hermann Hänsel, Austria, 2004
  • Fernando Nuez-Vinals, Spain, 2004
  • Gerhard Röbbelen , Germany, 2004
  • Peter Ruckenbauer , Austria, 2012
  • Michele Stanca, Italy, 2012
  • John Bradshaw, Scotland, 2012
  • Hans Winzeler, Switzerland, 2016

Web links

Individual evidence

  1. EUCARPIA Conference 2016 ( Memento from March 19, 2017 in the Internet Archive )