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Everett Quinton (born 1952 in Brooklyn , New York City , USA ) is an American theater, television and film actor, director, playwright and screenwriter. As the Art Director of the Ridiculous Theater Company (1987–1997) and as an award-winning actor, he is now one of the great stars of the off-Broadway theater scene in the USA.


Quinton attended John Jays College, then studied at Hunter High School for two years. As a child and adolescent, he was shaped by the actress Joan Crawford , whom he imitated and from whom he incorporated much into his acting and plays. In 1975 he met the theater actor, director and artistic director Charles Ludlam , who became his life partner. The relationship lasted until Ludlam's death in 1987. After that, Quinton took over the theater company (The Theater of the Ridicoulous; RTC Company) that his friend had founded and worked there until it closed in 1997 as art director, who was also the theater's director.

Quinton has received numerous awards, played in innumerable plays by his friend and foreign authors, he played several guest roles in series and films (most important role of Deputy Warden Wurlitzer in " Natural Born Killers " and Dolores in the film "The Sorrows of Dolores") . He was on tour with the singer Eartha Kitt with the musical "Cinderella". He has appeared in series in " Miami Vice ", " Springfield Story ", " Law & Order ", "Nurse Jackie", among others . He was also the screenwriter of "Museum of Wax" and "The Sorrows of Dolores".


  • 1986: You don't kiss public prosecutors
  • 1987: Museum of Wax
  • 1987: career with links
  • Forever Lulu, 1987.
  • Deadly Deception, 1987.
  • Hello Again, 1987.
  • Two times two, 1988.
  • Natural Born Killers , 1994.
  • Pollock, 2000.
  • One Year Down, 2004.
  • The Sorrows of Dolores, (originally 1987, performed 2010).

Plays (selection)

as an actor
  • The Witch of Edmonton
  • Devil Boys from Beyond
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • A christmas carol
  • Oh dad, poor dad
  • Mama's Hung you in the closet and I am feeling so sad
  • Woman beward woman
  • Brother Truckers
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Murder at Minsing Manor
  • Medea
  • The secret lives of the sexists
  • Salambo
  • Galas
  • The artificial jungle
  • The Mystery of Irma Vep

Pieces and adaptations (selection)

as an author
  • Carmen
  • Linda
  • Movieland
  • A tale of two cities
  • Call me Sarah Bernhard
  • Phaedra

Awards (selection)

  • Best Actor Theater Wing Hews Design Award, 1985 and 1986
  • Callaway Award, 2008.
  • Legend of OFF-Broadway Award, 2011.

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