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Under Evolutionary Ecology (also evolutionary ecology , evolutionary ecology ) refers to that part of the ecology , the modern findings for environmental statements, explanations and theories Evolutionary Biology integrated with.

Origin of the term

In the German-speaking world, the term evolutionary ecology originally entered the scientific literature from a paleoecological point of view (especially through Gerd von Wahlert ). Independent of this, the term Evolutionary Ecology has been established by Anglo-Saxon population biologists (including Michael Rosenzweig , Eric R. Pianka , Robert H. MacArthur ). The first meaning aimed more at the long-term paleo-ecological and evolutionary changes, the second meaning more at shorter-term and experimentally verifiable biological interactions with the environment. Since the central questions and explanatory models and also in many cases the methods and analyzes used merge, the common term evolutionary ecology has become established in German for both aspects .

Content aspects

Evolutionary ecology therefore combines various sub-disciplines: It includes, for example

Therefore, the term is widely used both in biologically oriented ecologists and evolutionary biologists whose methodical armor that of many of Molecular Ecology is, as well as paläoökologisch working paleontologists .


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