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FU stands for:

Fu stands for:

  • Fu (family name) , a Chinese family name
  • Fu (lyric poetry) , a specific form of Chinese poetry
  • Fu (Yan'an) , a district in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, China
  • Fu talismans, see Fu Lu
  • (pronounced 'fu') Japanese seitan (food made from wheat)
  • one of the four, today equivalent types of first-level regional authorities ( -to , -dō , -fu and -ken ) that subdivide Japan across the board, see Prefecture (Japan)
  • Fu (also phu ), Latin for valerian

Fu is the name of the following (probably) fictional characters:

  • Fu Manchu , Chinese criminal in novels by Sax Rohmer
  • Fu Manchu ( Fu Chan in the United States), stage name of David Bamberg (1904–1974), American magician
  • Fu Xi ( Pao Xi ), Chinese great emperor and legendary ancestor of mankind
  • Fu Xing , one of the three Chinese gods of luck (" three stars ")
  • Egg Fu , a super criminal from the DC Comics universe and adversary of Wonder Woman
  • Fu , an educational hand puppet used in primary school German lessons

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