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This page lists a selection of abbreviations and acronyms from the Internet jargon that are often used in chats , instant messengers , discussion forums , e-mails , SMS , etc. in German-speaking countries and that are understood by most digital natives and other insiders . Often they come from English . All abbreviations can vary in their spelling (especially upper and lower case) - they are often written in lower case for reasons of convenience. Some are also enclosed in asterisks , for example * gg * or * lol * ; see also inflective .

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Table of acronyms and abbreviations


abbreviation meaning Explanation
* Correction Correction marking Is used if you yourself have found a typo (usually difficult to understand) in places where you can no longer correct it (e.g. a message that has already been sent in a chat or a comment on a website). Example:
Chat participant: I have never known this place.
Chat participant: * word
1337 "Leet" ("Leetspeak" or "Elite") Is a reference to Leetspeak or means that one counts oneself or another person to the elite.
143 "Ich liebe dich" "I love you"; one letter in "I" , four letters in "love" , three letters in "you"
2F4U "Too Fast For You" "To fast for you"
2L8 "Too Late" "Too late" (two [too], l, eight [ate])
4U "For you" "To you"
4YEO / FYEO "For Your Eyes Only" "For your Eyes Only"; Confidential, intended only for the recipient


abbreviation meaning Explanation
AAMOF " A s A M atter O f F act" "The fact is, …"
Acc " Acc ount " user account
ACK " Ack nowledgment" In German newsgroups a terminus is expressed, with the consent form as increased also "Full ACK" (is "full support" ) in use. Originally, ACK is a signal (or a control character ) in the sense of an “ acknowledgment of receipt” in a data transmission , with which the receipt or processing of data or commands is confirmed.
AFAIC " A s F ar A s I m C oncerned" "As far as I'm concerned"
AFAICT " A s F ar A s I c an t ell" "As far as I can tell"
AFAIK " A s F ar A s I K now" "As far as I know"
AFAIR " A s F ar A s I R emember" "As far as I can remember"
AFAP " A s F ar A s P ossible" "As far as possible"
AFK " A way f rom K eyboard" "(I'm) not at the keyboard" (literally: "(I'm) away from the keyboard " ). Does not necessarily mean that you are not at the computer, but can also mean that you are currently absent in the corresponding communication process. As a variant, “semi-afk” is also possible for restricted accessibility. The return is often indicated by the abbreviations WD ( "Wieder da" ), RE ( "Return / returned" ) or B2K / BTK ( "Back To Keyboard" ).
A German backronym is also “ A u f m K lo”, in some cases “afklo” has also become the norm .
AGF " A ssume g ood f aith" "Assume good intentions"
AISI " A s I s ee i t" "How I see it"
AIUI " A s I u nderstand i t" "As I understand it"
AKA " A lso k nown a s" "Also known as …"
AMA " A sk m e a nything" "Ask me anything"
ANSCD " A nd n ow (for) s omething c ompletely d ifferent ..." Literally: "And now something completely different ...". Basically a reference to the running gag “And now for something completely different” ( “and now to something completely different” ) from the British comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus .
ASAP " A s s oon a s p ossible" "As soon as possible". Even if the abbreviation is often found on the Internet , it was not created there, but has been in use as a command in the US military for much longer and has also been used for a long time in aviation . Alternatively, the acronym SASPO ("Soon as possible") is sometimes used.
ASL (also A / S / L) " A ge S ex L ocation" "Age, gender, location?" (Question to newcomers in the chat; undesirable in most chats)
ATM " A t T he M oment" "Just now"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
B2K / BTK " B ack T o K eyboard" “Back at the keyboard” is used now and then after having been AFK , cf. Back, BAK, BOK, BWD or WD , RE
B2T / BTT " B ack T o T opic" "Back to the topic"
BB " B ye, B ye" / " B is b ald" "Bye Bye",

see. BD, Ciao, CUS, CYA / CU, CYA, CUL8R

BBIAB " B e B ack I n A B it" “I'll be right back”, cf. CU, CUL8R, CYA
BBL " B e B ack L ater" “I'll be back later”, cf. CU, CUL8R, CYA
BBS " B e B ack S oon" “I'll be back soon”, cf. BBL, BFN, CU, CUL8R, CYA
BD " B is d ann" "Farewell for an indefinite period"
BF " B este F riends", " B oy f RiEnd" "Best friends", "male friend"
BG " B reit g rins" also "biggrin", increase of G (see also GG )
BM " B is m orgen"
BN " B is n achher"
BOFH " B astard O perator F rom H ell " "Bastard Technical Assistant from Hell"
boon "Beginner" (disrespectful) Variant of noob
BR " B est r egards" "Best regards"
BRB " B e R ight B ack" "I'll be right back"
BTAIM " B e t has a s i t m ay" "Anyway"
BTDT " B een t here, d one t has" "I was there and tried it myself";
is used accordingly to substantiate a statement made with one's own experience / with one's own trial and error.
BTW " B y T he W ay" "By the way", "Since we're at it"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
C&P " C opy and P aste" " Copy and paste " (of texts)
CP (various) Various meanings, u. a. c opy and p aste, c o p y, c om p are, c ontrol p anel, c hild p ornography etc.
C6 / CS " C yber s ex " "Sex" over the Internet (CS is also a common abbreviation for the game Counter-Strike )
CU " S ee Y ou" "Bye" / "See you!"
CUL8R "See you later" "See you later"; sometimes just CUL
CYA "See Ya" / "See You Again" / "See You All" About "see you later"; originally actually "Cover your Ass", a term from military jargon (such as "Take care of your ass")


abbreviation meaning Explanation
dad " D enk A n D I"
Dafuq "What the fuck" "What the hell", cf. WTF
DAU " D ümmster a nzunehmender U ser" User with no basic knowledge or understanding of computers who makes serious mistakes in reasoning and application that appear idiotic and possibly funny to the savvy. The word is derived from GAU .
DL or D / L " D own l oad " Download a file from the Internet. Also called "sucking".
DFTT " D on't F eed T he T roll" "Please don't feed the troll ."
DND " D o N ot D isturb" "Do not bother"
DUW " D uck u nd w eg" "Symbolic ducking and running away (like avoiding a blow)."


abbreviation meaning Explanation
EOB / EOBD " E nd O f B usiness ( D ay)" "(At) the end of the working day"
EOD " E nd O f D iscussion" “End of discussion”; based on EOF ("end of file", from programming)
EOM " E nd o f M essage " “End of message” / “Message has no content” (Mail): Based on EOF
EOT " E nd O f T hread" / " E nd o f T ext" / " E nd o f T ransmission" “End of discussion thread” / “End of text” / “End of data transfer”: Based on EOF


abbreviation meaning Explanation
F2F " F ace to F ace" “Face to face”, personally
FACK / Full Ack " F ull Ack Nowledge" "Full approval", actually "confirmation" (see ACK (signal) ) (not used in English-speaking countries)
FAQ " F requently A sked Q uestions " "Frequently asked Questions"
FFS " F or F uck’s S ake" Corruption of "For God's sake" - "for God's sake"
FG " F reches / F ettes / F ti G rinsen"
FOAD " F uck O ff A nd D ie" "Go die!"
FTFY " F ixed T hat F or Y ou" "Corrected it for you" is used in discussion forums; for example after correcting an image or text from another user. Also used sarcastically.
FTR " F or T he R ecord" "For the record"
FTW " F or T he W in" Emphasizes the superiority of something. E.g. “Barbecue Sauce FTW!”;
FU " Fuck y ou" "Fuck you" / "Fuck you" in the sense of "Fuck it"
FUBAR " F ucked U p B eyond A ll R epairs / R ecognition" "Totally in the ass" (actually "irreparable / mutilated beyond recognition")
FUP, FUP2 " F ollow up (to)" "Redirect to ..." mark in Usenet posts so that the post can also be posted in other groups.
FWIW " F or w hatever i t s w orth" “Whatever it is for”; corresponds to "if you ask me" or "by the way"
FYEO / 4YEO " F or Y our E yes O nly" "For your Eyes Only"; Confidential, intended only for the recipient
FYI " F or Y our I nformation / I nterest" "For your information", out of interest; corresponds to the German abbreviation zK = for information . Misunderstood in the American context, also used as “Fuck you idiot!”.
FML " F uck M y L ife" literally: "Fuck my life"; indicates that the person is annoyed, often used ironically


abbreviation meaning Explanation
G " G rins" " Grin " (big smile) (is mostly used within two "asterisks") -> * g * This indicates an action.
G2G / GTG "(I've) G ot To G o!" / "Gotta go!" / "(I) Got To Go" "I have to go!" / "I have to go!"
GF " G irl f RiEnd" "Girlfriend"
GG " G ood g ame" "good game"
GIDF / GIYF " G oogle i st d a F reund" / " G oogle i s y our f RiEnd" Use a search engine before you ask me!
GJ " G ood J ob" / " G reat J ob" "Good work"
GL " G ood L uck" "Good luck"; also often used in combination with HF as GL&HF .
GLG " G anz l ove G Rüsse" Closing formula, as an increase from LG
GN (8) " G ood N ight" / " G ute N Acht "
Graka / GraKa Gra fik ka rte
Grats / Gratz / GZ "Con grat ulation s " Congratulations
GSD " G ott s ei D ank!"
GTFO " G et T he F uck O ut" “Get out of here!” / “Get out of here!”; is mostly used when indignant about inappropriate behavior of another user.
GTFOH " G et T he F uck O ut O f H ere" also "Get The Fuck Outta Here" “Get out of here!” / “Get out of here!”; Testimony of discontent.


abbreviation meaning Explanation
HAND " H ave a n ice d ay" "Have a nice day" (farewell)
HDF " H old d ie F ress" / "Shut your face"
HDGDL " H ab ' d I g num d oll l ieb" Depending on the context, it can also be understood as "I forgot you , you loser!"
HDL " H ab ' d I l ieb"
HEL / HEAGDL " H ab ' s uch l ieb" / " H ab' s uch a lle g anz d oll l ieb"
HF " H ave f un" "Have fun!"; Can also be understood as "Happy Fraggin ' " in first-person shooter circles , which is in fact synonymous in this situation.
HGW " H erzlichen G lück w unsightly"
HTH " H ope T his H elps" "Hope that helps"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
IANAL " I a m n ot a l awyer" "I am not a lawyer / attorney"
IC "I see" "I see" or "I can see", "Oh well", "I understand"
ICU "I See You" "I see you"
IDA " I ch d i a uch" Reply to HDL ("I love you") or ILD ("I love you")
IDK " I d on't k now" I dont know
IEA " I ch e uch a uch" Reply to HEL ("I love you") or ILE ("I love you")
IIRC or WIMRE " I f I R ecall / R emember C orrectly" "If I remember correctly", "if I remember correctly"
IR " I k now, r ight?" "I know!", "Yes, that's right!" (Rhetorical agreement to a question)
ILD " I ch l ove d I"
ILU / ILY " I L ove U / Y ou" "I love you"
IMHO " I n M y H umble O pinion" "In my irrelevant / humble opinion"
IMAO " I n M y A rrogant O pinion" "In my arrogant / arrogant opinion"
IMNSHO " I n M y N ot S o H umble O pinion" "In my not entirely unimportant / humble opinion"
IMO " I n M y O pinion" "In my opinion"
IOW " I n o ther w ords" "In other words …"
IRL " I n R eal L ife" "In real life"
ISTR " I S eem T o R ecall" "I think I remember"
IYHO " I n Y our H onest / H umble O pinion" "In your / your honest / humble opinion". Often comes at the beginning of a question. Was probably formed by swapping the pronoun in IMHO .


abbreviation meaning Explanation
JFYI " J ust F or Y our I nformation" "For your / your information only"
JFTR " J ust f or t he r ECORD (s)" "(Only) for the record", "(only) for the archive", "(only) for knowledge"
JK or J / K " J ust K idding" "Is / wasn't meant seriously"
JTLYK " J ust t o l et y ou k now ..." "Just to let you know (that) ..."


abbreviation meaning Explanation
k / kk / kay "OK everything good" If a number also stands for “thousand” ( kilos ), e.g. B. 2k = 2,000, 2k8 = 2008; sometimes several Ks are used one after the other, e.g. B. 2kk = 2,000,000
n / a " K a A hnung"
kB " K a B ock"
kP " K a P lan" or " K a P roblem"
kD " K a D ing" Also in the sense of "no cause"
kplsthx / kplzthx "O k ay? Pl ea s e! Th ank you. "
KWL / kewl " Cool "
kT / kwT " K a ( w Eiterer) T ext" Is written in the subject line of an email or a post when the message itself does not contain any text, so you can save yourself opening it. After or before the KT there is usually the answer to a previous post
KYS " K ill y our s elf!" "Kill you!"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
LD " L ieb ' D I" Is mostly used as an intermediate form of “Have you love” and “I love you”, but does not mean ILD
LG " L ove G Rüsse" Closing formula (can replace the formal "MFG")
LMAO " L aughing M y A ss O ff" "Laugh my ass off"
LMFAO " L aughing M y F ucking A ss O ff" "Laugh off my damn ass"
L2P / LTP " L earn T o P lay!" “Learn to play!” - challenge to get better.
LMGTFY " L et M e G oogle T hat F or Y ou" I'll google this for you now. Next time just use a search engine before you ask me!
LOFL " L ying o n the f loor L aughing" "Lie on the floor laughing"
LOL " L aughing O ut L Oud" / " L ots O f L aughing" or " L ots O f L piece" Mostly in SMS or chat : "Loud laughter" or "Good luck!"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
mE " M a e rachtens" "/ M it E inschränkung [s]" / " M it E rlaubnis"
Kind regards " M it f reundlichen G Rüssen" Often perceived as impolite (as an abbreviation).
mk / mkay "H m o k ay" thoughtful "OK"
mmD " M ade m y D ay"
mMn " M a M union n oh"
mom " Mom ent" "Just a moment please"
MOTD " M essage O f T he D ay" "Message of the day", welcome text when logging on to servers.


abbreviation meaning Explanation
N / A " N ot A vailable / A pplicable" “Not available / applicable”, the latter in the sense of “Not applicable here”.
n1 " N ice one " “Nice!”, “Well done!”; mostly as an answer to a joke or a special achievement in an online game or chat room.
n8 "Night" / "Nacht" Short form of GN8 ("Good Night")
nc " N o c omment" "No comment"
nb / noob / n00b " N ew b ie" A corruption of the term newbie in the sense of “newcomer”, “beginner” or “clueless”, variants are boon or newb . This is often used / perceived as an insult.
np " N o P roblem" "No problem"
NPOV " N eutral p oint o f v iew" " Neutral point of view ", "neutral point of view" or similar, abbreviation introduced in Wikipedia in 2001, now widely used in many other wikis and beyond.
NP: " N ow P laying:" Something like: “I'm listening to:” followed by a song or CD that the author is listening to.
NSFL " N ot s afe for or l ife" “Not harmless to life”, goes one step further than “NSFW” and contains content that can be psychologically disturbing, e.g. E.g. when sharing links to pictures or videos showing real murders or accidents (also known as “gore”).
NSFW " N ot S afe / s uitable f or w ork" "Unsuitable for the workplace", e.g. B. when passing on links to pornographic content.
NSY " N ot S een Y et" "Not seen yet"
NVM " N e v er m ind" "It's okay", "Forget it"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
O RLY? " O h r eal ly ?" A mocking “Oh, really?” Or “Really?”, Especially in forums
OLOY " O nly L osers O bey Y OLO" "Only losers follow YOLO "; the acronym OLOY is optically a reversal of YOLO.
OMFG " O h M y F ucking G od" Increase in OMG (German meaning: "Oh you (holy) shit")
OMG " O h M y G od" / " O h M y G oodness" "O my God" / "Oh my goodness" (astonishment, surprise)
OP " O riginal P ost" First post or original question in a thread (Internet) ;
" O riginal P oster" The user who made the first (original) post in a thread;
OT " O ff T opic " Contribution does not belong to the topic, not to be confused with oT ("without text")
oT / owT / OWT " O teeth ( w Eiteren) T ext" Is written in the subject line of a mail or a post if the reply text is only in the subject line, i.e. the message text itself is empty. In English-speaking countries, N / T is used instead
OTOH " O n t he o ther h and" "On the other hand ...", "On the other hand ..."


abbreviation meaning Explanation
" P roblem e xists b etween k eyboard a nd c hair"
 "Problem exists between chair and keyboard"
“There is a problem between the keyboard and the chair” ( see also: DAU ) or “There is a problem between the chair and the keyboard”, is an allusion to the fact that a problem is not of a technical nature, but that a user causes it himself through ignorance or mistakes. See also PICNIC .
PICNIC Acronym : " P roblem I n C hair N ot I n C omputer" Computer problems caused by the user himself, variant of PEBKAC / PBKC / PEBCAK .
PLONK Backronym : " P lease L eave O ur N ewsgroup, K id" Originally only an onomatopoeic description of the noise when a disturber hits the kill file in a newsgroup , it was later defined as an English backronym ( "Child, please get out of our newsgroup" ).
PLS / ZIP / PLX " Pl ea s e" "You're welcome"
POV " P oint o f v iew" "Point of view", "point of view"; means internally Wikipedia mostly the opposite of the imperative neutral point of view , the neutral point of view ( NPOV )
PPL " P eo pl e" People, people, group of people
pwned "Defeated" / "dominated" Corruption of “owned” in the meaning of “clearly defeating someone” (e.g. in a computer game) and thus possibly also embarrassing.


abbreviation meaning Explanation
Q&A Q uestions and a nswers Literally translated "questions and answers"
QFT Q uoted F or T ruth Literally translated as "Quoted for the truth". It is used in forums in which one quotes a post so that it is recorded, because in most forums it is possible to edit one's own posts.
QRY " Q ue ry " Small window in IRC for private chat with a single partner, named after the IRC command of the same name


abbreviation meaning Explanation
R. “Are” because the letter is pronounced like the word in English "Are", "are", "are"
re "Re" ablative of "res" (Latin) "thing" or "in the thing ...". Today reinterpreted as (English) " Re sponse" / " Re ply" Indicates a reply in e-mail traffic
RE " Re turn (ed)" "I'm back" - mostly after an announced absence from the keyboard (see AFK )
rect or # rect "W re c k ed" (English) "destroyed" / "failed" Similar corruption as "pwned" .
RL " R eal L ife " The "real life" outside of the internet.
RLY? " R eal ly? " "Really?", "Really?"
ROFL / ROTFL " R olling o n ( t he) f loor l aughing" "I roll (curl up) laughing on the floor"
ROFLOL / ROTFLOL " R olling o n ( t he) f loor l aughing o ut l oud" "I roll (curl up) laughing loudly on the floor"
ROTFLBTC " R olling o n t he f loor b iting t he c arpet" "I roll (curl) laughing on the floor and bite the carpet"
ROFLMAO / ROTFLMAO " R olling o n ( t he) f loor l aughing m y a ss o ff" "Roll around on the floor and laugh your ass off (laugh yourself to pieces)"
RTFM " R ead t he f ucking m anual" "Read the fucking manual " in the (possibly even ostensibly) more polite version "read the fine manual" ( "Read the good manual") is possible.
In IT (among other things) it is considered impolite to rely solely on the help of others when solving problems, instead of first looking for a solution yourself. Therefore, this acronym is an invitation, especially in the case of simple problems, to try to solve them yourself (with the help of manuals, documentation, etc.), before asking others for advice.


abbreviation meaning Explanation
SCNR " S orry, C ould N ot R esist" "Sorry, I couldn't help myself"
SFW " S afe / s uitable f or w ork" “Suitable for the workplace” is often used to restrict the number of images / videos or to indicate when links are passed on. Compare: "NSFW" and "NSFL"
SIG " Sig nature "
SMH " S haking M y H ead" Amazement, amazement ; * head shake *
SNAFU " S ituation N ormal A ll F ucked U p" "Situation normal, everything screwed up"; Loosely translated as "Operation successful, patient dead."
SO " S ignificant o ther" "Better half" (life partner)
Sry " S or ry " "Sorry"
STFU " S hut T he F uck U p" "Shut up, damn it!"; vulgar, "Shut up!"
SuFu Su ch fu nction Mainly used as a reference to the search function mostly contained in forums.


abbreviation meaning Explanation
TBH " T o b e h onest" "To be honest" (also 2BH )
TGIF " T hank G od I t's F riday" "Thank God today is Friday"
THX / TNX / THNX / TX / TY " Th anks / T hank Y ou" "Thank you"
TIA " T hanks I n A dvance" "Thanks in advance"
TIL " T oday I L earned" "Today I learned (that) ...". Can also be used as a sarcastic introduction.
TL; DR / TLDR " T oo L ong; D idn't R ead " “[The text was] too long; [that's why I] didn't read it, ”is the answer to a post that was felt to be too long. The abbreviation is also sometimes used by the author of a longer post himself to introduce a brief summary .
TMI " T oo M uch I nformation" “Too many details” or “That was more than I wanted to know”. Can also indicate that someone has disclosed too much information that could be embarrassing, too personal, or even disturbing, for example.
TOFU " T ext o ben F ullquote u nth" "The answer is above the fully quoted text." Describes a citation style in e-mails or posts in newsgroups that is often viewed as a violation of netiquette , as inline quoting (see explanation in the article on TOFU ) is generally preferred .
TTYL / TTUL / T2UL " T alk T o (2) Y ou (U) L ater" "I'll get back to you later" or "I'll get in touch (again) later".


abbreviation meaning Explanation
U "You ..." "You ..."
U2 "You too", "You two" "You too", "You two"
UTFSE " U se T he F ucking S earch- E ngine" "Use the damn search engine / function", variant of RTFM .


abbreviation meaning Explanation
V (L) G " V everal ( l ove) G Rüsse" Closing formula (replaces the formal "MFG")
vlt / vllt " V ie ll verifiable t "
VT V erschwörungs t heorie


abbreviation meaning Explanation
w00t astonished-delighted "Excuse me?" pleased "Juchhu!" Expression of enthusiasm for something special. (Also called Backronym for " We Own (ed) [the] Other Team " ( Engl. ) / "We are (were superior to) the other team" is used.)
w8 " Wait " (English) "Wait a minute)!"
w / " With " (English) "With!"
WB " W elcome b ack " (English) "Welcome back."
WD " W ieder d a" Used in chats to log back in.
WE W eek e nd ” (English); "Weekend"
PATH " W ide E vil G rin " (English); "Big bad smile"
WFM / wfm " W orks f or m e " (English) “It works for me / does it work, what is your problem?” (It is more common to use small letters; cf. network jargon # Talk Mode ). Alternatively, it is also used in the English language as consent in the sense of “Yes, we can do it like that (if we do)”.
WOT / wot " W all o f t ext " WOT "Wall full of text" indicates an unexpectedly long text passage and is used both as an expression of astonishment and as an apology or warning.

WOT as a warning before a long text block: "WOL ..."
WOT after a long text block in the format of an HTML tag: "Oops, WOT" or "</WOL>"

WTF / wtf " W hat t he f uck "; less often: " W hy t he f uck " (English) WTF as the sole part of the sentence : "What is the shit about?" Or "What is that shit?"

WTF in connection with further parts of the sentence: "What / Why, damn shit,  ... ?" - The ellipses stand for the parts of the sentence to be added , e.g. B. for "[What, ...,] is that supposed to ?", "[What, ...,] do you mean to say ?" Or "[Why, ...,] are you saying something like that ?"
- Note: see WFM / wfm .

WTH / wth " W hat t he h ell " or " W hat t he h eck " (English) "What the hell,  ... ?!" Or "What the hell,  ... ?!"

For further explanations see WTF / wtf .
- Note: see WFM / wfm .

anger / wat " What? "(English)" What? " Used like WTF .
wyd " W has Y ou D oing? ", Or rarely" Would You Date? "(English) "What are you doing?" Or "Would you go out with me?"


abbreviation meaning Explanation
XOXO "Kisses and hugs!" Greetings in an email, by SMS or in the chat. "O" ("hug") stands for a hug, "X" ("kiss") for a kiss. Used in letters and greeting cards before the Internet in the USA. Can often be found simply as "XX" ("kisses").


abbreviation meaning Explanation
Y? "Why?" “Why?” - the letter Y is spoken in English with the same name / waɪ /
YAW / YRW / YW " Y ou a re W elcome." / "You're Welcome" "There you go", "Here you go", "You're welcome!"
YHBT " Y ou h ave b een t rolled." "You were fooled." See also: Troll (net culture)
YMMD " Y ou m ade m y d ay." "You made my day sweeter" as a reply or thanks for a (funny) contribution.
YMMV " Y our m ileage m ay v ary" In a figurative sense, for example, “your experience may be different”; an indication that the proposed solution does not have to be transferable one to one.
YOLO " Y ou o nly l ive o nce." “You only live once.” Justification for stupid / dangerous behavior. YOLO was the youth word of the year 2012 in Germany ; see also: Carpe diem

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