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Cool (from English cool 'cool, cold' ; noun: coolness ) is an Anglicism that was originally used in German for young people and has become part of everyday language . The word is also spelled "KWL" in network jargon .

Word meaning

The term is used on the one hand to casually describe a particularly relaxed or casual , nonchalant , cool, sovereign , controlled and not nervous state of mind or mood (compare: stay cool , cool head in the sense of "stay calm"). On the other hand, cool, as a word used by young people, is used to identify situations that are perceived as particularly positive and correspond to the ideal (similar to “ cool ”) in the sense of “beautiful”, “good”, “pleasant” or “pleasant”. Depending on the milieu and age group, the term is extremely versatile.

There are a number of synonyms and similar terms for coolness in German : serenity , control, prudence ( Sophrosyne ), composure , thick-skinned, relaxed, composure, serenity , measuredness, patience , composure , calmness , balance, equanimity, cold-bloodedness, coolness, long-suffering , Nonchalance , leisure , naturalness, sobriety, calm, peace of mind , self-control , Sprezzatura , stoicism , superiority, carefree, uninhibitedness, ease, prudence, restraint, informality.

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