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Andreas Urs Sommer (2012)

Andreas Urs Sommer (born July 14, 1972 in Zofingen , Canton Aargau , Switzerland ) is a Swiss philosopher , publicist and numismatist . Since October 2016 he has held an academy professorship for philosophy with a focus on cultural philosophy at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg .


After finishing school in Aarburg and Basel , Andreas Sommer studied philosophy, church and dogma history and German literature at the universities of Basel , Göttingen and Freiburg . In 1995 he graduated with a licentiate in Basel, in 1998 he received his doctorate there with the grade summa cum laude .

In 1996/97 he was a research assistant at the Frey-Grynaeischen Institute in Basel. In 1998 he received a teaching position at the Philosophical Department of the University of Basel. In 1998/99, Sommer was a “Visiting Research Fellow” at Princeton University and from 1999 to 2001 he was a research fellow from the Swiss National Science Foundation for scientific research at the Research and Study Center for European Cultural History in the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel . In 2000, Sommer became a research assistant at the Philosophical Institute at the University of Greifswald , but in 2001 he switched to the Institute of German Studies, School for Advanced Study at the University of London as a “Visiting Fellow” . Again in Greifswald , he completed his habilitation in 2004 with the work Meaning Foundation through History? On the genesis of the philosophy of history between Bayle and Kant . From 2000 to 2007 he taught philosophy at the University of Greifswald with a special focus on the history of philosophy , in the 2007/08 winter semester at the University of Mannheim , and since 2008 philosophy at the Philosophical Department of the University of Freiburg. In 2011 he was appointed adjunct professor of philosophy in Freiburg . In the 2013/14 winter semester, Sommer was visiting professor at the State University of Design in Karlsruhe ,

Since 2014 he has been head of the Nietzsche Commentary Research Center at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences , based at the University of Freiburg. In October 2016, Sommer accepted a call for a W3 professorship for philosophy with a focus on cultural philosophy at the University of Freiburg / academy professorship in cooperation with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. For 2019/2020 he was appointed guest professor ( Professeur invité ) at the École normal supérieure (Paris) .

Sommer is a specialist in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche , the Enlightenment and the early modern period, as well as in the methodology of the history of philosophy. Since 2008, Sommer has been significantly involved in the Nietzsche Commentary of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, which is being developed at the University of Freiburg, and is director of the Friedrich Nietzsche Foundation in Naumburg (Saale). He is a broader audience with newspaper and magazine articles and especially with his popular philosophical books The Art of Thinking for Yourself , Is It Worth Being a Good Person? as well as The Art of Doubt . In it he tries out a new form of skeptical philosophy and critical enlightenment. Sommer emerged through a modern adaptation of stoic thinking, whose potential as a philosophy of peace of mind he wants to rediscover: The Stoa is to be freed from its metaphysical and moralistic ballast. His book values. Why you need it, even though it doesn't exist (2016) advocates enlightened pluralism of values, which is understood as a positive sign of modernity. Sommer also presented his philosophy on television.

Sommer is a member of the German-Swiss PEN Center (DSPZ).

In addition to his work as a philosopher, Sommer also deals with numismatics, especially that of the Byzantine Empire .


  • 1992 3rd Eligius Prize of the German Numismatic Society
  • 1994 De Wette Prize from the Faculty of Theology at the University of Basel
  • 1999 Visiting Research Fellow at Princeton University
  • 1999 Scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • 2000 grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • 2001 grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • 2001 Visiting Fellow at the University of London
  • 2003 Die Goldene Brille / La lunette d'or of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences SAHS for its glosses under the title “Ethics Council” in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit and its philosophical letters in the magazine ( Tages-Anzeiger , Zurich).
  • 2007 Vreneli Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of numismatics and the philosophy of collecting
  • 2012 Shortlist of the Tractatus Prize for philosophical essay writing with the book Lexicon of Imaginary Philosophical Works
  • 2012 Friedrich Nietzsche Prize
  • 2016 Special prize as part of the International Humanities program for the book Values: Why you need them when they don't exist
  • 2017 Shortlist of the Tractatus Prize for Philosophical Essay Writing with the book Values. Why you need it when it doesn't exist
  • 2017/18 Carl Friedrich von Siemens Fellowship



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As editor

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