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The magazine
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description Swiss magazine
publishing company Tamedia AG
First edition 1970
Frequency of publication weekly
Widespread edition 293,456 (previous year 300,323) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Range 0.531 (previous year 0.530) million readers
(WEMF MACH Basic 2018-II)
Editor-in-chief Finn Canonica
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The magazine (formerly Tages-Anzeiger-Magazin , nickname Tagi-Magi ) is the weekend supplement of four daily newspapers in German-speaking Switzerland . It appears in the publishing house of Tamedia AG in Zurich . Finn Canonica has been editor-in-chief since 2007 , his predecessor being Res Strehle .


The magazine was originally only included with the Tages-Anzeiger ; since January 2005 it has also been included in the Basler Zeitung and Berner Zeitung and their split editions. Since 2009 it has also been included in the newspaper Der Bund . It reached a WEMF - certified free circulation of 293,456 (previous year 300,323) copies and a reach of 531,000 (previous year 530,000) readers (WEMF MACH Basic 2018-II). Subscribers to the daily newspapers can access the magazine in digital form via the website. An iPad version that appears one day earlier contains additional material such as articles, videos, photo series, longer interviews, etc. compared to the printed version.

The magazine is an author's magazine. It maintains large reports and essays and values ​​its own visual language. The model is the New York Times Magazine .

The magazine was founded in 1970 under Otmar Bucher , who designed the layout concept and was in charge of design for the first 28 issues. Authors such as Niklaus Meienberg , Peter Bichsel and Laure Wyss shaped the paper. The introduction of the open interview also dates from this time. In this new form of questioning, the interviewer refrains from expressing his own opinions through the type of question asked. Instead, he explains it openly in short declarative sentences. This form has remained in the magazine to this day and is now also widely copied in other Swiss publications.

The magazine went through a delicate period in 2000 when it became known that longtime associate Tom Kummer had invented interviews with Hollywood stars. However, the affair had no consequences for the editor-in-chief - unlike the SZ-Magazin - because they had terminated the cooperation with the forger immediately after the first information.

Swiss library

In order to open up new sources of revenue, Tamedia launched a twenty-volume “Swiss Library” for the magazine in 2005. It proceeds according to a similar pattern as the previously established editions of German-language daily and weekly newspapers and magazines such as SZ , FAZ , Die Zeit , Standard , Handelsblatt , Brigitte, etc. Here, too, the editorial advertising is characteristic:

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