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Technical middle school
Country Switzerland
Type of school (general) secondary school
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The Fachmittelschule (FMS) ( called Fachmaturitätsschule (FMS) in some cantons , école de culture générale in French , scuola specializzata in Italian , scoula media spezialada in Romansh ) is a secondary school education in Switzerland . The technical middle school is the successor to the diploma middle school . It was introduced in 2004, and in 2020 there will be 58 secondary schools.

It is a three-year middle school ( upper secondary level ) following compulsory schooling. It is particularly suitable for students who, at the age of 15, neither aim for a high school diploma nor for immediate vocational training. It conveys a broad general education and offers two qualifications: the Fachmittelschulausweis (colloquially FMS diploma) and the specialized school-leaving certificate . The Fachmittelschulausweis is the qualification after three years of FMS and is a prerequisite for attending higher technical schools . The Matura is not compulsory, but can only be completed after successfully completing a technical college and is necessary in order to gain access to certain universities of applied sciences . The Matura takes another year and includes both a school stay and an internship.

At the FMS, every subject is treated equally; This means that insufficient grades in music or sports can prevent a doctorate. The FMS is divided into subject areas that contain various so-called direction-specific subjects, these are (at FMS Basel, the subject areas differ slightly from canton to canton):

  • Health / natural sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and nutrition
  • Communication / media: computer application, media studies and business administration
  • Pedagogy: visual / spatial design, music and pedagogy
  • Social work: law and society and psychology
  • Design / art: visual, graphic, spatial / textile design and visual communication
  • Music / theater / dance: music, body / voice / movement and individual instrumental, music, singing, theater or dance lessons

During the apprenticeship, there are other teaching methods in addition to frontal teaching: in some cantons, for example, rural service must be completed during school time. In this land service, all students (mostly during the first grade) are sent individually to different farming families. There the students then have to help with all work for three weeks.
In all cantons, a subject-related internship must be completed during school time.

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