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Drive in Masuria
Food on the go
Cooking on a big trip to Norway
Kohte on a winter trip in the Hunsrück

Wandering birds , scouts in Germany and Bündische say they go on a journey when they consciously drive or hike through nature. This tradition comes from the youth movement .


This special formulation expresses a special claim. Travel is not used for locomotion , but for " experiencing new things ". You don't want to be comfortable, safe and free of surprises, you want to experience strange, unusual, new things and challenge yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally, both for the individual and the group. The human being should be formed through the "experiences" and the adventure that arise from the journey.

In practice, a trip usually takes place on foot as a hike with the Kohte . But there are also canoeing, sailing, cycling, tramping and many other trips. It is crucial not to linger in one place and to consciously get involved in the new, unfamiliar and hardship.

A special feature is the big trip, which leads into the wilderness of Scandinavia, for example, and takes several weeks, as is the case for example. B. Walter Scherf describes in his book Schwedenfahrt . Some Wandervogel and scout associations still have the tradition of traveling the world from the Nerother Wandervogel , which means traveling around the world for a period of up to a year and financing the trip yourself through work.


As much as possible about something is found out from a clientele. The target of a clientele can be, for example, a certain village, a certain person, a certain group of people or a certain company. The idea is to get closer to people and their living environment and to gain insight that is not possible in everyday life. Arrival and departure can take place as a journey.

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