Field post control center

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The field post control center is the central distribution point between the military postal system and the civilian postal service .

Field post control center

After several exercises by the Bundeswehr with field post , it was quickly recognized that it makes sense to position the transition from military to civilian post centrally. From the first missions of the Bundeswehr abroad , the field post control center was set up in Germersheim (Rhineland-Palatinate) and later in Darmstadt (Hesse).

Function and organization

The field post control center has a double function: On the one hand, it serves as a central point of contact for mail in action. Any post in use - no matter what destination - carries a zip code the 64298 the field post control center in the Major Karl Plagge-Kaserne (formerly Frankenstein barracks) in Darmstadt . Here the incoming mail is sorted and distributed to the areas of application. The post then goes to the areas of operation either by air freight or a forwarding agent. Field post offices take care of further distribution on site.

Conversely, post is taken from operations and given to the civilian post via the field post control center. Exceptions are parcels and oversized letters, which come through customs in Speyer and are then sent like normal parcels.

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