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The fire police is an authority that defines and monitors fire protection . This task is usually carried out by either the fire brigade or the building authority .

The term fire police is mainly used in Austria and Switzerland today and was also used in Germany in the first half of the 20th century . Even if the term might suggest, the fire police should not be confused with the police and they also have no police powers. The term comes from the originally Greek name " polis " (dt. "City"), which was used by the Romans to describe the public city ​​administration .

The fire police are responsible for the protection of people and property by fending off fires by ensuring intact escape and rescue routes and by creating reliable fire compartments. The fire police take all measures that are necessary to prevent the outbreak of fire, the spread of fire and explosions.

It is also dedicated to:

  • preventive structural fire protection,
  • promoting public awareness of dangers,
  • the training of fire protection specialists VKF (formerly: municipal fire protection experts),
  • the training of fire protection experts VKF (formerly: cantonal fire protection expert).


  • issues fire protection regulations,
  • determines the necessary fire protection measures for buildings with an increased fire risk or great danger to people,
  • carries out checks periodically or on a case-by-case basis in buildings and systems with an increased fire risk,
  • accepts new / changed fire alarm , lightning protection and fire extinguishing systems and checks them periodically for functionality and operational safety ,
  • decides on the approval of building materials , components and technical equipment,
  • deals with training, advisory and educational tasks,
  • grants contributions to improvements in fire protection.

As an adjective, the word “fire police” sometimes appears on warning signs, in house rules and so on.

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