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Outer pinnacle on the buttress of Reims Cathedral

Pinnacles (from Italian foglia , leaf or needle in the plant world) or pinacula are slender, pointed, flanking turrets carved out of stone, which in Gothic architecture served to elevate eyelashes and buttresses . In addition to this aesthetic function, they often also have a static function , as they additionally stabilize the construction through their weight. Pegs usually consist of a square or octagonal shaft or body, which often has an ornament consisting of tracery and has the shape of a tabernacle in the middle part . Above the shaft is the pyramidal tip , which is often decorated with crabs and crowned with a finial . Sometimes they also serve as supports for statues. Pegs can also be smaller individual pieces made of different materials outside of buildings.

Pinnacles in the late Gothic

Fiale from the Bauhütte of Cologne Cathedral

Pinnacles in church architecture in the Gothic style are turret-like attachments on sacred buildings. The body of the tower, built in Gothic style, has a small diameter and is covered with a helmet or a finial as a pinnacle crown. In the case of late Gothic gable turrets, the roof often consists of a simple slope to protect the masonry from rain or snow, e.g. B. at the village church of Pröttlin .


Early printed information about the design of pinnacles can be found in the pinnacle booklet (1489) published by Georg Stuchs in Nuremberg and in the booklet of pinnacle justice (1486) by Matthäus Roritzer .

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