Firestorm (film)

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German title Firestorm
Original title Firestorm
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1984
length 105 minutes
Director Cecil Howard
script Anne Wolff
production Command Cinema
  • Tina Marie (Liza)
  • Eric Edwards (Ken Cushing)
  • Veronica Hart (Suzanne)
  • Kay Parker (Magda Balcourt)
  • John Leslie (Lee Balcourt)
  • Sharon Mitchell (Elise Paul)
  • Sharon Kane (Laura)
  • Rikki Harte (Barbara)
  • Joanna Storm (Claire)
  • Kurt Mann (Evan)
  • Sean Elliot (Louis)
  • George Payne (James)
  • Michael Bruce (Leon)

Firestorm is an American feature film-porn directed by Cecil Howard from 1984. The film won the 1984 AFAA Award of the Adult Film Association of America for the "Best Sex Scene" and is one of the classics of porn history.


Elise Paul seduces the author Ken Cushing to be hired by the wealthy matriarch Magda Balcourt to ghostwriter her autobiography. Ken later visits a bar where his ex-girlfriend Liza works as a stripper. Liza somehow connects herself and Ken with the blind daughter of the family, Claire. Claire went blind on her 16th birthday when her mother "saves" her from boyfriend Louis by having sex with him herself. Meanwhile, Lee Balcourt's secretary and lover, Barbara, plans to steal Lee's corporate book. In the end, Magda confesses that she wants Ken for more than writing.


  • 1984: Adult Film Association of America Award - Best Sex Scene
  • 1985: AVN Award - Best Supporting Actor - Film (John Leslie)
  • 1985: Nominated for the XRCO Award for Best Film


  • In 1987 the director made the sequel Firestorm 2 , which describes the plot two years later. The second part won the following awards in 1988: AVN Award - Best Actor - Film (John Leslie), Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor - Film (Michael Gaunt), Best Supporting Actress - Film (Tish Ambrose).

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