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As a continuous text or scrolling text refers in brief to the extent that in one piece and without interruptions by continuous text, paragraphs is set, headings, images, footnotes and the like. As a rule, it makes up the largest part of a book, for example, but should not be equated with the paragraph text .


In the continuous text sentence , the text "flows" from one filled line to the next; the line break results from the available type area and not from content or design aspects. If necessary, a word separation occurs at the end of the line.

In contrast to the running text is the line form , which makes up a poem or a song text, for example. Title lines or headings that are not extended to the maximum width but are manually (not automatically) wrapped beforehand are also not running text:

Example of a particularly long heading that
lig must be ordered.
Example of a particularly long heading, <man. Upheaval>
which must be arranged in several lines.

Continuous text is a practical requirement for justified , but not to be confused with it. Flutter set can just as well be used, but not centered set .

Running text in marketing

In marketing , the connecting text between the headline and the bottom line of an advertisement or other advertising text is called this. In contrast to the meaning in the pleading, this text should be structured.


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