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A flip chart (including flip chart , English for Umblätter- diagram to German: Chalkboard writing pad) is a visual aid for presentations , lectures , discussions and group work .

Flipchart stand and paper

The flipchart consists of a large plate, some of which are magnetic, and has a clamping device for the flipchart paper at the top and a shelf for pens and a pull-out stand at the bottom. Some flipcharts are on rollers. Some flipcharts also have one or two “arms” that can be folded out or pulled out at the top on the back, to which sheets of paper that have already been labeled can be attached with magnets or adhesive tape. The stand usually has three legs or a single column, which can usually be adjusted in length.

Flipchart paper is mostly based on the format B1 (100 cm × 71 cm, e.g. 99 cm × 68 cm) or sometimes on A1 (84 cm × 59 cm). It is often checked in a wide grid of around 2.5 cm (or 1 inch ), is carbon-resistant for felt-tip pens (70 to 80 g / m²) and is usually supplied in blocks of 20. It is perforated at the top and is put on the peg on the flipchart stand and fastened with the clamping device. A perforation makes it easier to tear off the sheets.

For a number of years there have also been digital flipcharts that allow what is written and painted to be saved as PDF or transmitted live.


The lecturer writes on the flipchart pad with thick felt-tip pens (colored markers). Drawings and diagrams make content visually tangible. Areas are highlighted with crayons . Written sheets can be torn off and hung on the wall with adhesive tape or on a magnetic strip. This results in a continuous log.

A topic can also be developed and documented interactively with the participants on the flipchart.


The flipchart was invented by John Henry Patterson , the US sales pioneer and founder of the NCR Corporation .

Flipchart moderation

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