Folcuin from Lobbes

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Folcuin (* around 935 in Lotharingia ; † December 16, 990 ) was Abbot of Lobbes from 965 to 990.

Folcuin said he was a member of the Carolingian family , although his information on this is understandable, but the line of ancestors is apparently shortened. His father of the same name was at the end of his life a monk in the Abbey of Saint-Bertin , which he himself entered on November 22, 948 as an oblate . A few years later, after the death of Abbot Aletran von Lobbes, Bishop Ebrachar von Liège, who was responsible for Lobbes Abbey, appointed him as his successor. On December 25, 965, Folcuin was consecrated by Bishop Ingram of Cambrai .

In the first years of office Folcuin had to deal with the claims of his predecessor Rather , who claimed Lobbes Abbey for himself after he had to finally give up his office as Bishop of Verona . Indeed Folcuin was forced to the abbacy give up and leave the monastery Lobbes while Rather took over the Abbey, but ultimately failed as well.

Reinstated in his office, Folcuin became one of the most important abbots of Lobbes, and is today - with his successor Heriger - as the head of the monastery who established the meaning of Lobbes in the 11th century.


  • Gesta abbatum Sithiensium (around 960)
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