Dainava Forest

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The Ūla in Dainava

The Dainava Forest ( Druskininkai-Varėna Forests , Gudų Forest ) is the largest forest area in Lithuania . The forest is located in Dzūkija , Varėna district and Druskininkai municipality . The territory is 1450 km², of which 1145 km² are forested. A distinction is made between ~ 250 forests (individual forest areas). A large part belongs to the Dzūkija National Park . In the southern part there is the Čepkeliai reserve . The forests are 70 km from the northeast to the southwest. The Nemunas flows in the west, the Lithuanian-Belarusian border runs in the south, Merkinė lies in the northwest , and Valkininkai in the northeast . The Merkys with its tributaries Ūla , Grūda , Verseka , Varėnė , Spengla , Duobupis , Skroblus , Nočia , Beržupis also flows in Dainava ; in the southeast the Ratnyčia (tributary of the Memel ), in the southern edge the Katra .


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