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Frank Baranowski (born December 10, 1971 in Northeim ) is a German lawyer and author of legal publications.


Baranowski attended the secondary school in Duderstadt and from 1988 the vocational school II in Göttingen , where he passed his Abitur at the technical high school technology . In 1991 he started his law studies at the Georg-August University in Göttingen. In 1996 Baranowski completed his studies in Göttingen.


In 1996 Baranowski began his legal traineeship at the Siegen District Court and spent his legal position at the Siegen law firm Schulte, Schulte-Hillen & Felderhoff, which is known for regulating thalidomide cases and AIDS bleeding. After completing his legal clerkship, Baranowski joined the firm as a salaried attorney in 1999.

In April 2001 Baranowski became a specialist lawyer for family law and in 2006 a partner in the firm. He has been running the office under his own name since 2013 and in the same year also became a specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law. Since 2005, Baranowski has mainly worked in family and divorce law. Among other things, he is an active member of the Family Court Conference and the Federal Association of Specialized Journalists.


In 1989 Baranowski won the school competition of the Robert Bosch Foundation with his work on the Polte-Werke , an armaments factory in Duderstadt. In the same year he took fifth place in the school competition for German history. The first monograph on this topic followed in 1993. Over the years, Baranowski expanded his research and published numerous articles in specialist journals and other specialist literature.

Publications (selection)

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