Frank Heine (graphic designer)

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Frank Heine (* 1964 ; † October 1, 2003 ) was a German graphic and type designer. He completed his studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart in 1992 as a graduate designer. Since 1991 , he has designed new typefaces that are sold worldwide by various companies including Emigre , FontShop International and T-26. Together with Lutz Eberle , he founded his own company in 1994, UORG in Stuttgart, which specialized in corporate identity design for companies, posters and brochures for exhibitions and museums.

As a font designer, Heine experimented with a variety of styles. His well-known designs include the playful 1960s style Remedy , Amplifier and the Dalliance, inspired by the handwriting of a 19th century battle card . For the Tribute, a Renaissance Antiqua , Heine used types by the French type cutter François Guyot from the years 1544 to 1557.

As different as Heine's fonts are, they are all characterized by a love of detail and quality. He supplied detailed kerning tables, ligatures and alternative characters for all fonts .

Heine's works have been published in numerous renowned trade magazines, including novum , Emigre magazine, Page , IDEA magazine , Graphis Digital Fonts 1, emotional_digital, Typography 17 and 20.


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