Franz Nikolaus Finck

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Franz Nikolaus Finck (born June 26, 1867 in Krefeld , † May 4, 1910 in Berlin ) was a German linguist.

Finck studied at the universities of Munich, Paris and Marburg, where he received his doctorate in 1896. There he was a lecturer from 1897 to 1901. In 1903 he moved to the University of Berlin, where he became professor of general linguistics.

Finck's focus was on research into Irish (“The aran dialect: a contribution to research into western Irish”. Marburg 1899) and the languages ​​of the Caucasus. He was best known through his books “Die Sprachstämme des Erdkreises” and “Die Haupttypen des Sprachbaus”, which were published in numerous editions even after his early death.


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