Franziska Pixis

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Francilla Pixis, unmarked lithograph

Franziska Pixis , also Francilla Pixis , actually Franziska Helma Göhringer ( 1816 in Lichtenthal - 1888 in Italy ) was a German opera singer ( mezzo-soprano ).


The foster daughter of the pianist Johann Peter Pixis , who also trained her to be a singer, was initially only active in concerts, but the stronger the voice became, the more urgently she was advised to take up a stage career. It appeared on the boards for the first time in 1833 and immediately met with extraordinary success. She found her first engagement in Munich, where she also worked for a while with great recognition. After appearing on the stages in Berlin, Vienna, Leipzig, Dresden, etc., she went to Paris and London, and there her performances aroused the same profound interest as at home. From 1839 to 1842 she stayed in Italy, where she aroused real enthusiasm, especially in Naples as Pacini's first Saffo (premiered in 1840). When she returned to Germany, she was received most cordially. Her small figure, however, was a hindrance to singing some parts.

She returned to Germany, married to the Cavaliere Ugo di Sant 'Onofrio del Castillo since 1843, and retired from the stage in 1846.


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  1. According to Eisenberg, her place of birth is Mannheim