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Johannes Wilhelm Boysen , pseudonym Boysen van Nienkarken (born January 24, 1834 in Neuenkirchen in Norderdithmarschen , † December 6, 1870 in Epernay ) was a German teacher and poet.


Johannes Wilhelm Boysen was the son of the preacher Boy Boysen and his wife Maria Johanne, née Tychsen. He attended meldorfer gelehrtenschule and studied in Kiel and Berlin philosophy . In 1857/58 he became an honorary member of the Teutonia fraternity in Kiel . In 1860 he was promoted to Dr. phil. PhD. Boysen then worked as a private tutor for Count Schwerin in Schwerinsburg for two years . In 1862 Boysen became a teacher at the Roßleben monastery school , in 1864 at the high school for the monastery in Magdeburg and in 1866 at his former school in Meldorf. After the outbreak of the Franco-German War he volunteered with the Pomeranian hunters. He was wounded at Champigny on December 3, 1870 and died of his wounds three days later.

His work Leeder and Stückschen in Ditmarscher Platt , published under a pseudonym by the Leipzig FA Brockhaus Verlag in 1865 shortly before his employment in Meldorf, was reviewed in issue 14 (1965) of the "Journal for Literature, Art and Public Life" of the Deutsches Museum published by Robert Prutz . The mythologist and writer Franz Sandvoss (1833–1913) reviewed the book in 1866 in the magazine Blätter für literary entertainment .

In gratitude for the sacrifices made to his siblings, his brother Ernst Boysen, postal secretary in Itzehoe, posthumously published a collection of High German poems by Boysen with a short biography in Itzehoer Verlag Wilhelm Jansen in 1878. A first book review took place in the Itzehoer Nachrichten that same year .


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