Meldorfer School of Academics

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Meldorfer School of Academics
Meldorf, old Meldorfer learned school.jpg
School building until 1962
type of school high school
founding 1540

Meldorfer School of Academics
At the facilities 16

place Meldorf
country Schleswig-Holstein
Country Germany
Coordinates 54 ° 5 '40 "  N , 9 ° 4' 19"  E Coordinates: 54 ° 5 '40 "  N , 9 ° 4' 19"  E
carrier District of Dithmarschen
student 639 students in 27 classes (356 adults, 282 m.)
(As of 2018/2019)
Teachers 54
(29 f., 25 m.), Of which 2 (2 f.) Are on leave, 3 in preparatory service (3 f.) And 1 social worker (status: 2018/2019)
management Matthias Ramm
Sculpture by Karlheinz Goedtke on the school grounds

The Meldorfer Gelehreenschule ( MGS ) is a high school in Meldorf in the Dithmarschen district in Schleswig-Holstein . The school was founded in 1540 as a Latin school in the rural region. Today the school is run by the Dithmarschen district.

There are currently 54 teachers teaching a total of 639 students in 27 classes (as of 2018/2019).


After its founding in 1540, the school of scholars was initially housed in two buildings of the Meldorfer Dominican monastery - until these became too cramped due to a library and rooms for natural sciences that had to be set up and a new building was decided in 1859.

Until 1962, the constantly growing school ( gym and technical rooms were gradually added) was housed in the current building of the Dithmarscher State Museum on Bütjestrasse.

In 1962 the school community moved into its building, which is still in use today, although at the beginning lessons were also taught in the old building and in barracks . Complemented by renovations and new buildings, it is now possible to hold all of the lessons in the current building - also due to the falling number of students.

In 2015 the school celebrated its 475th anniversary with concerts , a festival ball and an open day .


The district (as the school body) had a solar system built on the school roof . In addition, the school had an observatory on the roof of the vocational school , which was dismantled due to the no longer being given astronomy lessons.

The so-called Christian-Bütje-Haus is right next to the school. Originally donated as a retreat and leisure center for the upper school and as a specialist room for working groups , it was "robbed" of its original purpose by the school administration in 2010 due to space problems and only "returned" to the students when the two-year class 2016 left.

With the start of the 2018/2019 school year, the school returned to the nine-year grammar school system, G9.



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