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Fritz Ludwig Philipp Dahlgrün (born September 5, 1894 in Hameln ; † December 23, 1954 ) was a German geologist . He was a professor at the Clausthal Mining Academy .


Dahlgrün was the son of a sworn book reviser and attended grammar school in Hameln with the Abitur in 1913. In the same year he began studying geology at the University of Göttingen . In 1914 he volunteered in the First World War and was a prisoner of war in France from 1915 to 1917 and interned in Switzerland until 1918. He then continued his studies in Göttingen and received his doctorate in 1921 under Hans Stille (Tectonic, especially Cimmerian processes in the Middle Leine Valley). He was briefly assistant at Stille and then at the Prussian State Geological Institute . Here he initially dealt with the Mesozoic of the Leinetal (as in his dissertation) and then on the recommendation of the regional geologist Gotthard Fliegelwith the Harz , which became his main field of work. He mapped especially in the Harz region and after the war became a full professor of geology and paleontology in Clausthal.


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  1. Among other things, geological maps Harzgerode, Stolberg im Harz, Hasselfelde, Wippra, Pansfelde, Salzgitter, Ringelheim, Cochem; he was involved in Quedlinburg.