Fromond II. (Sens)

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Fromond II of Sens († 1012 ) was a Count of Sens . He was a son of Count Rainald I of Sens .

After the death of Archbishop Sewin von Sens 999, Fromond intended to install one of his sons as archbishop. However, the clergy of the archbishopric elected the previous archdeacon of the city, Léotheric, as the new archbishop. When Fromond denied him access to the city, Léotheric turned to Pope Silvester II , who was his former teacher, and thus obtained Fromond's excommunication . In order to lift this, Fromond was forced to recognize the archbishop. Fromond died in 1012. He was married to a daughter of Count Rainald von Roucy of the House of Roucy . Your children were:

  • Rainald II († 1055), Count of Sens
  • Fromond († died 1016 in a royal dungeon in Orléans )
  • Bruno († after 1032), clergyman
  • Rainald, clergyman


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