Rainald II (Sens)

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Rainald II of Sens († 1055 ) was a count of Sens . He was a son of Count Fromond II of Sens .

Like his father, Rainald was an enemy of Archbishop Léotheric von Sens, to whom he had always turned his back. He was also an opponent of King Robert II the Pious because he had opposed the appointment of Prince Henry as Duke in Burgundy. After the feud between Rainald and the archbishop escalated violently, King Robert II marched with an army in front of Sens in 1015; the surprised Rainald allegedly fled naked to the powerful Count Odo II of Blois , while his brother Fromond took over the defense of the city, which had to surrender to the king.

With the support of the Count of Blois, Rainald recaptured the city from the newly built Montereau Castle , but was eclipsed by Odo II of Blois when he was in power. After Archbishop Léotheric died in 1032, Rainald moved back to the royal camp, as his cousin Gilduin von Joigny was appointed the new Archbishop of Sens by King Henry I. Odo II of Blois was expelled from Sens in 1034.

Nothing more has come down to us about Rainald until his death in 1055, he was buried in the Abbey of Sainte-Colombe . He had a son, Fromond III., Who probably ceded Sens to the crown immediately after Rainald's death, but no later than 1060. The historian Rodulfus Glaber reported that Count Rainald II was called "King of the Jews" by the citizens of Sens because of his alleged preference for the Hebrew people .


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