County Sens

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The county of Sens with the capital Sens already existed at the time of the Carolingians . In the middle of the 11th century it was acquired by the French king and incorporated into the Domaine royal .

Arnulf (* probably 794, † after March / April 841), illegitimate son of Emperor Louis the Pious , was Count of Sens.

Richard the judge († 921), first Duke of Burgundy since 918, conquered the county in 894/895 as part of the consolidation of his later duchy.

After the death of Richard's son, the French King Rudolf in 936, his brother Hugo the Black († 952), Duke of Burgundy since 923, refused to recognize the authority of the Robertin Hugo the Great , Duke of France since 936. The following military conflict led to the submission of Hugo the Black, who in this context had to cede the county of Sens.

In 1055, the county of Sens was acquired by King Henry I and incorporated into the Domaine royal.

Count of Sens