Rainald I. (Sens)

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Rainald I of Sens , called the old man († January 6, 996 ), was a Count of Sens . He was a son of Count Fromond I of Sens .

Like his father, Rainald was a Capetian fanatic . When the regent Brun of Cologne besieged the city of Troyes in 959 , a division of his Saxon warriors marched on Sens . Rainald went against them together with Archbishop Archambaud and defeated them in a battle near Villiers . In order to consolidate his rule in his county, he built the castles of Château-Renard and Joigny . In 978, his nephew Sewin was elected Archbishop of Sens , removing this office from the control of the Carolingian King Lothar .

After his death, Rainald was buried in Sainte-Colombe Abbey . His children were:


  • Chronicon Sancti Petri Vivi Senonensis
  • Historia Ecclesiastica VII by Ordericus Vitalis
predecessor Office successor
Hugo the Great Count of Sens
Fromond II.


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