Hazardous substances - keeping the air clean

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Hazardous substances - keeping the air clean

publishing company VDI specialist media
First edition April 1936
Frequency of publication 12 issues, 9 times a year, double issues 1/2 + 7/8 + 11/12
Sold edition 555 copies
( www.vdi-fachmedien.de )
Editor-in-chief Annika Hilse
editor German Statutory Accident Insurance , Air Pollution Control Commission
Web link www.gefahrstoffe.de
ISSN (print)
ISSN (online)

Hazardous substances - keeping the air clean , abbreviated: Hazardous substances - keeping the air clean. Luft , is a technical and scientific journal . It is published by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Sankt Augustin , and the Air Quality Commission , Düsseldorf .


Thematic focal points of hazardous substances - keeping the air clean are, in addition to safety technology, the generation, spread, detection and separation of pollutants as well as the measurement of pollutants including sampling . The majority of the contributions are in German, but English articles are also printed. In both cases the articles are preceded by a summary in both German and English. The articles are reviewed by the editor. The magazine is published twelve issues a year. Double issues are published in January / February, July / August and November / December. It is being published by VDI Fachmedien GmbH & Co. KG.


In April 1936 a series of publications entitled Dust was started. The then dust technology specialist group of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the dust research institute of the Main Association of Commercial Employers' Liability Insurance Associations were responsible. The aim was to bring the work results of the dust control center to the attention of those interested. Due to the war, the publication of the series was interrupted from 1944 to 1950 and resumed on October 15, 1950. In 1958 the series was converted into a monthly magazine. At the beginning of 1966 the title of Staub: Journal for Dust Hygiene, Dust Technology, Air Quality Control , Radioactive Suspended Particles in Dust - Air Quality Control was changed to the English subtitle . The magazine has been published under its current title since 1996. The English subtitle remained unchanged. This should take into account the fact that dust was no longer the focus of reporting.

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