German statutory accident insurance

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German statutory accident insurance

legal form registered association
founding June 1, 2007
Seat Berlin
management Stefan Hussy, Edlyn Höller, Petra Zilch
Branch social insurance

The German Statutory Accident Insurance e. V. ( DGUV ) is the umbrella organization of the commercial professional associations and the accident insurance funds . It was created on June 1, 2007 through the amalgamation of the Main Association of Commercial Professional Associations. V. (HVBG) and the Bundesverband der Unfallkassen e. V. (BUK).


The DGUV is the joint umbrella organization for the nine commercial professional associations and the 27 accident insurance companies. Employer's liability insurance associations and accident insurance companies together insure seventy million people against the consequences of accidents at work , commuting accidents and occupational diseases .

Like its predecessor organizations, the German Social Accident Insurance is organized as an association with legal capacity . Members of this association are the trade associations and the accident insurance funds. The association is divided into the six legally dependent state associations Northwest, Northeast, West, Middle, Southwest and Southeast.

The association has its seat in Berlin . There are administrative offices there and in Sankt Augustin , with further facilities in Bad Hersfeld , Bochum , Hennef (Sieg) and Dresden . The administrative location in Munich was given up on December 6, 2019. Manfred Wirsch and Rainhardt von Leoprechting are currently the chairmen of the Executive Board . The chairmanship is held alternately and changes after one year.

Chief Executive Officer of the DGUV is Stefan Hussy, who succeeded Joachim Breuer on July 1, 2019. His deputies are Edlyn Höller and Petra Zilch (the latter until January 2020).

The German Social Accident Insurance is a member of the European Movement Network .

Political background

With the merger, HVBG and BUK anticipated further political plans: In the summer of 2006, the federal government and the federal states announced that they would merge the associations into a state-controlled corporation under public law on January 1, 2008 . The top corporation planned by politicians should be given the power to “make binding decisions for all accident insurance carriers and organize a quality and cost-effectiveness competition between the carriers.” In addition, they should be entrusted with common matters of the accident insurance carriers “which are better and more efficiently dealt with centrally The establishment of this top corporation based on the model of the German Federal Pension Insurance would have severely curtailed the powers of the professional associations and accident insurance funds and significantly increased the state's influence on statutory accident insurance. Both the Verdi union and the Federation of German Employers 'Associations therefore spoke of a planned "hostile takeover" of the employers' liability insurance association by the public sector.


The DGUV operates three institutes for occupational health and safety:

DGUV academy, university and study institute

The Hennef Academy of the DGUV and the campus of the Department of Social Policy and Social Security at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, aerial photo 2017

The DGUV maintains its own further education facility , the DGUV Academy, University and Study Institute with facilities in Bad Hersfeld and Hennef. This emerged on January 1, 2007 from the two predecessor organizations, the professional association academy in Hennef and the BUK training center in Bad Hersfeld. The focus of the training at the University of the German Statutory Accident Insurance and the DGUV Academy lies in administrative teaching and social law, especially rehabilitation; it is aimed at its own employees and the staff of other social administration agencies. In addition, the DGUV has been running the "Social Insurance, Focus on Accident Insurance" course at the Hennef location since 2003 in cooperation with the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

Personnel and job placement

DGUV job , the DGUV's personnel and job placement service for employers' liability insurance associations and accident insurance funds, places insured persons who need support in their professional reintegration after an accident at work or an occupational disease.

Trade journals

Since 2009 the DGUV has published its own specialist journal, the DGUV Forum . It appears ten times a year and contains articles for practitioners and science. Together with the group of BG clinics , it also publishes the scientific journal “ Trauma and Occupational Disease ”.

German Paralympic Media Award

The German Statutory Accident Insurance has been awarding the German Paralympic Media Award every year since 1999, with the exception of 2014 .

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