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The German Accident Insurance Funds are the accident insurance carriers for employees in the public sector and the companies that have emerged from them (e.g. Deutsche Bahn or Deutsche Post ) and their subsidiaries, divided into federal, state and local governments .

The insured are the employees and workers of the federal government, the states and municipalities. Pupils and students and other people who work in the public interest (e.g. first aiders, a detailed list can be found in the article Statutory accident insurance in Germany ) and, in some cases, members of volunteer fire departments are also insured. The legal basis here is the Seventh Book of the Social Code . For companies in the commercial economy, however, the commercial trade associations are responsible.

There is an accident insurance fund with nationwide responsibility ( Federal and Railway Accident Insurance , which emerged on January 1, 2015 from the Federal Accident Insurance Fund and the Eisenbahn-Unfallkasse ) and others with responsibilities for individual federal states. There is at least one accident insurance company in every federal state. In most federal states, the accident insurance funds are responsible for both community and state service insured persons; in other federal states there are separate funds for this. Members of the volunteer fire brigades are insured in the fire brigade accident insurance funds in the federal states that emerged from the state of Prussia, whereas in southern Germany they are insured in the general accident insurance funds.

On June 1, 2007, the Federal Association of Accident Insurance Funds (BUK) in Munich and the Main Association of Commercial Employer's Liability Insurance Associations (HVBG) in Sankt Augustin merged to form the German Social Accident Insurance Association (DGUV, Berlin). The head office is now in Berlin.

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