Joint service points for rehabilitation

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Joint service centers for rehabilitation were set up nationwide in Germany in 2002 by the rehabilitation providers to implement the provisions of the Social Code Book IX . The joint service points set up by December 31, 2017 in accordance with Section 22 of SGB ​​IX in the version applicable on December 31, 2017 , will continue to exist until December 31, 2018 at the latest in accordance with Section 241 VII of SGB IX. So they will be resolved during 2018.

With the shared service centers that should be avoided, the disabled and at risk of disability people have different social security institutions need to see to the responsibility to clarify for insurance or other performance event.

The joint service points should sift through the request of the beneficiary, record rehab applications and determine the responsible rehab provider. If necessary, the joint service point also established further contact with the responsible rehab provider and forwarded the rehab application. Citizens were also able to turn to the joint service point again during ongoing rehabilitation procedures to obtain information and other assistance.

Organizationally, mainly involved the legal were pension insurance - accident insurance - and health insurance support coated the services of the Federal Employment Agency as well as the not formally regarded as rehabilitation fund integration offices .

With the entry into force of the Federal Participation Act, the relevant tasks in the social administration process were assigned to the respective responsible rehabilitation agency, where "contact points" are set up instead. Your tasks are still unclear in summer 2018, in particular whether you will also take on an advisory role. The further development depends on the person responsible for the position.


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