Georg Christof Florian Greve

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Georg Christof Florian Greve, 2008

Georg Christof Florian Greve (born March 10, 1973 on Helgoland ) is one of the official spokespersons for the Free Software Foundation Europe .

Greve first came into contact with free software in 1993 . He was the European spokesperson for the GNU Project in 1998 , and author of the Brave GNU World monthly column on free software from 1999-2004 . In 2001 he initiated the establishment of the Free Software Foundation Europe , the first Free Software Foundation outside the United States , and was its President until 2009, when he no longer ran for office. From 2010 to 2017 he was managing director, chairman of the board of directors and then a member of the board of directors of Kolab Systems AG, Switzerland. Greve has a university degree as a graduate physicist .


In 2010, Greve was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon for its services to open standards and free software .

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