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Ger stands for:

in the Hebrew language:

  • Ger (plural Gerim) means people , especially in the meaning of (from) the people / (from the) peoples "foreigner", foreigner "," convert "
    • Ger toschav , a stranger in Judaism in the land of Israel who observes the seven laws of Noah; see Noachidian Commandments
    • Ger she'nisgayer (literally: a convert who converts ), in Judaism someone who converts to Judaism halachically
    • Ger zedek , in Judaism someone who converted halachically to Judaism and completed his conversion (Geirus); see conversion (religion)
  • Son of Judah in the Book of Genesis, see He (Bible)
  • Ger (Hasidic Movement) , originally Polish-Jewish movement

Ger designates municipalities in France:

in Poland:

in Spain:

  • Ger (Girona) , town in the comarca of Cerdanya, Girona province, Catalonia, Spain

Ger as a surname:

ger stands for:

GeR stands for:

GER stands for:

GER as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

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