Gerhard Geise

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Gerhard Paul Geise (born January 2, 1930 in Stendal ; † April 11, 2010 in Dresden ) was a German mathematician .


Geise was an apprentice motor vehicle mechanic in Aschersleben from 1946 to 1949 and graduated from the Thomas Müntzer High School there in 1951. He then studied mathematics at the University of Halle-Wittenberg . In 1956 he became assistant and later senior assistant at the Institute for Geometry at the TH Dresden . In 1961 he completed his doctorate on the topic of the use of ordinary complex numbers in real geometry and completed his habilitation in 1967 with his contribution to projective matrix geometry at the University of Rostock, where he had already worked as a research assistant in the early 1960s.

In 1972 he accepted a call as a full professor for pure mathematics at the Mathematics section of the TU Dresden. In 1990 he became director of the mathematics section and from 1991 to 1992 dean of the faculty of natural sciences and mathematics. From 1992 until his retirement in 1995 he was professor of mathematics at the TU Dresden. Geise died in Dresden in 2010 after a serious illness and was buried in the Old Annenfriedhof .

Works (selection)

  • 1961: About similarly variable plane systems
  • 1976: Vertical projection
  • 1977: conic sections, spheres and map designs
  • 1979: Basic course in linear algebra
  • 1980: Analytical geometry for crystal lattices
  • 1991: Contact conic sections in Bézier representation
  • 1994: Descriptive Geometry
  • 1995: Analytical Geometry


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