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Gertrud Zelinsky

Gertrud Zelinsky (born April 11, 1937 in Laupheim ) is a German writer. She is related to the poet Stefan George (great cousin) and to the Bochum theater manager Saladin Schmitt .


The first book by Gertrud Zelinsky ( No reason to panic. Life and love of the mature woman ) was published in 1989 when the author was already 52 years old. Eight more titles followed.


In 1991 it appeared ... and still I love you , in 1993 it was followed by the title Courage to Carelessness. I feel like living . The difficult situation of the divorced and remarried, which the Catholic Church excludes from the sacraments to this day, is among other things a topic in In spite of everything I am a Christian (1995). “We can only change the church if we stay in it”, is the conclusion of the author, who was one of the first to sign the popular initiative . She dealt with the topic of happiness and happiness in her book “Happiness is not a question of age” (1999), “It is never too late for women. On the way to a new man ”(2001) and“ Joy is possible again. What grieving women can learn from each other ”.


Her first novel, Peach Skin and Autumn Crocus , was published on her 70th birthday . Novel of a late love. Kosima, the protagonist of the novel, has just turned 60 when she is abandoned by her husband. She hopes to regain her inner balance on the North Sea island of Wangerooge . Here she meets the much younger and attractive Hubertus, who is on vacation with his school class. A relationship develops between these two, in which Kosima - perhaps for the last time in her life before she becomes "invisible" - experiences a confirmation of her womanhood. The affair is overshadowed by the fact that Hubertus is not free; he is about to marry Maja, who is the same age.

Her second novel, "Maralena's way of loving", started in 2001 and appeared in 2013, after twelve years. He describes a woman's fate in the period before the Second World War up to the 1970s: the breakout of a young woman from the petty-bourgeois narrowness of the Upper Swabian province, her search for true love with all its ups and downs: an " Amour fou " . Maralena Achstetter, the protagonist, turns out to be an Effi Briest of the 20th century.


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